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I give out practice patches as an incentive and I had girls making practices that rarely made the two practices per week. I also issue defensive patches, blood patches, assist patches, victory patches and the special lighting bolt hustle patch. - Coach Chris, U6 and U8, TX

Two of our trademark soccer practice games in particular are chaotic: "Dribble Across a Square" and "2 Team Keepaway".

Try using the Star Patches to encourage and challenge players to work on a certain skill or skills emphasized each week at practice.

My experience is that by age 8 most soccer players and parents prefer winning to losing. Most recreational soccer leagues focus on skill development and that is good. But in my opinion it is natural to want to win and I think winning should be encouraged as long as players, coaches and parents don't sacrifice good sportsmanship or fun.

We finished our house league this season and the patches have reallyworked great. All the kids proudly wore their patches on their hats, and the players on other teams kept asking them about them. Coach Rick, BC